debugmode - Scripts for running in debugging mode

Property Value
Distribution ROSA 2012.1
Repository ROSA Main i586
Package name debugmode
Package version 9.34
Package release 5-rosa2012.1
Package architecture i586
Package type rpm
Installed size 725 B
Download size 11.14 KB
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The debugmode package contains some basic scripts that are used to run
the system in a debugging mode.
Currently, this consists of various memory checking code.


Package Version Architecture Repository
debugmode-9.34-15-rosa2012.1.i586.rpm 9.34 i586 ROSA Main Updates
debugmode-9.34-15-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 9.34 x86_64 ROSA Main Updates
debugmode-9.34-5-rosa2012.1.x86_64.rpm 9.34 x86_64 ROSA Main
debugmode - - -


Name Value
initscripts -


Name Value
config(debugmode) == 0:9.34-5:2012.1
debugmode == 9.34-5:2012.1


Type URL
Binary Package debugmode-9.34-5-rosa2012.1.i586.rpm
Source Package initscripts-9.34-5.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable ROSA Main repository on Install and Remove Software
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install debugmode rpm package:
    # urpmi debugmode




2012-09-07 - Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 9.34-2
+ Revision: 816501
- drop dependency on mingetty, we're now working agetty provided by util-linux
2012-09-05 - Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 9.34-1
+ Revision: 816409
- Mask netfs initscript under systemd as native support is built in
- clean up a bit at least..
- build with our own set of compiler and linker flags
- filter out some rpmlint errors
- don't try filter out dependencies no longer generated with a filter no longer
- don't disable rpmlint checks
- new version (synced up with patches from mageia)
2012-06-06 - Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 9.25-10
+ Revision: 802989
- fall back to using ifup & ifdown when there's no networkmanager running
(avahi-daemon seems to have some issues allowing it to stay allow though!, P3)
2012-04-23 - Antoine Ginies <> 9.25-9
+ Revision: 792964
- typo patch (oden)
2012-01-04 - St?phane T?letch?a <> 9.25-8
+ Revision: 754507
- Remove the last bit of haldaemon in our initscripts (Mdv bug #62975)
2011-11-23 - Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 9.25-7
+ Revision: 732774
- add conflicts on prcsys if systemd is used (from TPG)
2011-11-16 - Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 9.25-6
+ Revision: 731148
- don't own /etc/sysconfig, it's already owned by 'filesystem' package
2011-04-27 - Antoine Ginies <> 9.25-5
+ Revision: 659668
- remove requires on sound-scripts, should be elsewhere...
2011-04-22 - Anssi Hannula <> 9.25-4
+ Revision: 656754
- Several bugfixes to speedboot, not affecting systemd boot:
o In very early boot, call display_driver_helper to check if there is a
pending dkms build (that may cause a wrong older binary dkms driver
to be loaded by X server) or a conflicting driver loaded by initrd
(which may cause graphical corruption / freeze when starting server)
and disable speedboot in those cases.
o Load display drivers before X when in speedboot.
o In speedboot mode, reopen file descriptors after X should've started.
This ensures that harddrake_service (and other sysinit output) is
shown to the user if the X startup failed. (plymouth grabs the output,
and when it shuts down the output is lost until descriptors are
2011-03-19 - Andrey Borzenkov <> 9.25-3
+ Revision: 647049
- service: check for running systemd before redirect
- network-up: ask NM for status for NM_CONTROLLED interfaces or skip
if NM is not available

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