apache-mod_apreq - DSO module for the apache Web server

Property Value
Distribution ROSA Enterprise Desktop
Repository ROSA Contrib Updates x86_64
Package name apache-mod_apreq
Package version 2.130.0
Package release 2-rosa.lts2012.0
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Installed size 55.90 KB
Download size 23.17 KB
Official Mirror mirror.rosalab.ru
Mod_libapreq2 is a DSO module for the apache Web server.


Package Version Architecture Repository
apache-mod_apreq-2.130.0-2-rosa.lts2012.0.i586.rpm 2.130.0 i586 ROSA Contrib Updates
apache-mod_apreq - - -


Name Value
apache >= 2.2.0
apache-conf >= 2.2.0
libapr-1.so.0()(64bit) -
libapreq2.so.3()(64bit) -
libaprutil-1.so.0()(64bit) -
libc.so.6()(64bit) -
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.2.5)(64bit) -
libpthread.so.0()(64bit) -
perl-libapreq2 >= 2.130.0
rpm-helper -


Name Value
apache-mod_apreq == 2.130.0-2:2012.0
mod_apreq2.so()(64bit) -


Type URL
Binary Package apache-mod_apreq-2.130.0-2-rosa.lts2012.0.x86_64.rpm
Source Package libapreq2-2.130.0-2.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable ROSA Contrib Updates repository on Install and Remove Software
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install apache-mod_apreq rpm package:
    # urpmi apache-mod_apreq




2011-01-03 - Oden Eriksson <oeriksson@mandriva.com> 2.130.0-2mdv2011.0
+ Revision: 627783
- don't force the usage of automake1.7
2010-12-03 - Oden Eriksson <oeriksson@mandriva.com> 2.130.0-1mdv2011.0
+ Revision: 607387
- fix deps
2010-12-02 - Paulo Andrade <pcpa@mandriva.com.br> 2.130.0-0.0.3mdv2011.0
+ Revision: 605291
- Rebuild with apr with workaround to issue with gcc type based
2010-12-02 - Paulo Andrade <pcpa@mandriva.com.br> 2.130.0-0.0.2mdv2011.0
+ Revision: 605060
- Rebuild with apr with workaround to issue with gcc type based alias analysis
2010-11-28 - Oden Eriksson <oeriksson@mandriva.com> 2.130.0-0.0.1mdv2011.0
+ Revision: 602334
- 2.13 (pre-release)
2010-10-24 - Oden Eriksson <oeriksson@mandriva.com> 2.12-5mdv2011.0
+ Revision: 588133
- rebuild
2010-07-22 - J?r?me Quelin <jquelin@mandriva.org> 2.12-4mdv2011.0
+ Revision: 556774
- rebuild for perl 5.12
2010-01-06 - Oden Eriksson <oeriksson@mandriva.com> 2.12-3mdv2010.1
+ Revision: 486818
- rebuilt against bdb 4.8
2009-08-02 - Oden Eriksson <oeriksson@mandriva.com> 2.12-2mdv2010.0
+ Revision: 407519
- rebuild

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