bsnes - A multi-system emulator (SNES, NES, GB, GBA, GBC)

Property Value
Distribution ROSA Enterprise Desktop
Repository ROSA Contrib Updates x86_64
Package name bsnes
Package version 0.088
Package release 2-rosa.lts2012.0
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Installed size 3.35 MB
Download size 365.54 KB
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The purpose of BSNES is a bit different from other emulators.
It focuses on accuracy, debugging functionality, and clean code.
The emulator does not focus on things that would hinder accuracy.
This includes speed and game-specific hacks for compatibility.
As a result, the minimum system requirements for bsnes are very high.
The emulator itself was not derived from any existing emulator source
code, such as SNES9x. It was written from scratch by myself.
Any similarities to other emulators are merely coincidental.
BSNES also has Game Boy (GB, GBC and GBA) and NES emulation support.
Note that you will need the GBA BIOS image to use this. There will not
be any high-level emulation of the BIOS functions for obvious reasons.
Name the file "bios.rom", and place it inside the
"/var/games/bsnes/Game Boy Advance.sys/" directory.
Important! Most likely you won't be able to run SNES ROMs until you
"purify" them with snespurify utility.
Warning! BSNES is still not very stable and may crash with some video
settings, filters/shaders and hardware combination.


Package Version Architecture Repository
bsnes-0.088-2-rosa.lts2012.0.i586.rpm 0.088 i586 ROSA Contrib Updates
bsnes - - -


Name Value
bsnes-binary == 0.088-2:2012.0 - - - - - -


Name Value
bsnes == 0.088-2:2012.0


Type URL
Binary Package bsnes-0.088-2-rosa.lts2012.0.x86_64.rpm
Source Package bsnes-0.088-2.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable ROSA Contrib Updates repository on Install and Remove Software
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install bsnes rpm package:
    # urpmi bsnes


/var/games/bsnes/BS-X Satellaview.sfc/manifest.xml
/var/games/bsnes/Game Boy Advance.sys/manifest.xml
/var/games/bsnes/Game Boy Color.sys/boot.rom
/var/games/bsnes/Game Boy Color.sys/manifest.xml
/var/games/bsnes/Game Boy.sys/boot.rom
/var/games/bsnes/Game Boy.sys/manifest.xml
/var/games/bsnes/Sufami Turbo.sfc/manifest.xml
/var/games/bsnes/Super Famicom.sys/manifest.xml
/var/games/bsnes/Super Famicom.sys/spc700.rom
/var/games/bsnes/Super Game Boy.sfc/boot.rom
/var/games/bsnes/Super Game Boy.sfc/manifest.xml


2012-04-26 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.088-2mdv2012.0
+ Revision: 793644
- Fix GTK version, build with system CFLAGS, update patches
2012-04-26 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.088-1
+ Revision: 793621
- Disable hardcoded march
- New version 0.088. GTK seems to be broken, so use Qt4 version instead
2012-03-07 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.087-1
+ Revision: 782729
- New version 0.087
2012-02-13 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.086-1
+ Revision: 773861
- New version 0.086, rediff datapath patch, add smpclass and debuginfo patches
2012-01-04 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.085-1
+ Revision: 753986
- New version 0.085
2011-11-08 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.084-1
+ Revision: 728741
- New version 0.084
2011-10-15 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.083-1
+ Revision: 704742
- Add libgomp-devel to BuildRequires
- New license since 0.083 (GPLv2 -> GPLv3)
- New version 0.083, update patch0
- New version 0.082
- imported package bsnes
2011-08-17 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.081-1mib2011.0
- First release for Mandriva

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