dkms-nvidia-current - NVIDIA kernel module for GeForce 6 and later cards

Property Value
Distribution ROSA Enterprise Desktop
Repository ROSA Nonfree x86_64
Package filename dkms-nvidia-current-295.40-2-rosa.lts2012.0.x86_64.rpm
Package name dkms-nvidia-current
Package version 295.40
Package release 2-rosa.lts2012.0
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Category System/Kernel and hardware
License Freeware
Maintainer -
Download size 16.67 MB
Installed size 16.64 MB
NVIDIA kernel module for GeForce 6 and later cards. This
is to be used with the x11-driver-video-nvidia-current package.


Package Version Architecture Repository
dkms-nvidia-current-295.40-2-rosa.lts2012.0.i586.rpm 295.40 i586 ROSA Nonfree
dkms-nvidia-current - - -


Name Value
dkms -


Name Value
dkms-nvidia == 1:295.40-2
dkms-nvidia-current == 295.40-2:2012.0
dkms-nvidia97xx == 295.40-2
kmod(nvidia-current) == 295.40-2


Name Value
dkms-nvidia < 1:295.40-2
dkms-nvidia97xx < 295.40-2


Type URL
Binary Package dkms-nvidia-current-295.40-2-rosa.lts2012.0.x86_64.rpm
Source Package nvidia-current-295.40-2.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable ROSA Nonfree repository on Install and Remove Software
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install dkms-nvidia-current rpm package:
    # urpmi dkms-nvidia-current




2012-04-11 - akdengi <akdengi> 295-40
- drop MIB indentical. We a ROSA company!
- Added support for the following GPUs: GeForce GT 635M GeForce 610M
- Closed a security vulnerability which made it possible for attackers to reconfigure GPUs to gain access to arbitrary system memory. 
For further details, see:
- Fixed a bug that caused DisplayPort devices to occasionally fail to turn back on after the system is resumed from suspend.
- Added a ModeValidation X configuration option token, "AllowNon3DVisionModes", to allow modes that are not optimized 
for NVIDIA 3D Vision to be validated on 3D Vision monitors.
2012-03-30 - Nicolo' Costanza <> 295.33-4mib.lts2012.0
- Imported to prepare binary static modules for rosa.lts2012.0 
- MIB (Mandriva International Backports) -
2012-03-28 - Tomasz Pawel Gajc <> 295.33-3mdv2012.0
+ Revision: 788016
- disable rpm own dependency generator
2012-03-27 - Tomasz Pawel Gajc <> 295.33-2
+ Revision: 787629
- x11-driver got lost on bs, rebupload it
2012-03-27 - Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <> 295.33-1
+ Revision: 787347
- Build with x11-server 1.12
- Fix build with rpm internal dependency generator
+ Tomasz Pawel Gajc <>
- update to new version 295.33
2012-02-17 - Tomasz Pawel Gajc <> 295.20-1
+ Revision: 776178
- update to new version 295.20
2012-02-10 - Oden Eriksson <> 295.17-4
+ Revision: 772458
- bump release
- fix deps
- make it work with kernel 3.2.x
2012-02-04 - Tomasz Pawel Gajc <> 295.17-2
+ Revision: 771169
- fix installation of glx libraries
2012-02-02 - Tomasz Pawel Gajc <> 295.17-1
+ Revision: 770777
- fix file list
- correct buildrequires
- update to new version 295.17
2012-01-06 - Tomasz Pawel Gajc <> 295.09-1
+ Revision: 758004
- adjust buildrequires to GL-devel
- update to new version 295.09

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