plymouth-scripts - Plymouth related scripts

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Distribution ROSA 2016.1
Repository ROSA Main Updates i586
Package name plymouth-scripts
Package version 0.9.2
Package release 5-rosa2016.1
Package architecture i586
Package type rpm
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This package contains scripts that help integrate Plymouth with the system.


Package Version Architecture Repository
plymouth-scripts-0.9.2-5-rosa2016.1.x86_64.rpm 0.9.2 x86_64 ROSA Main Updates
plymouth-scripts-0.9.2-3-rosa2016.1.x86_64.rpm 0.9.2 x86_64 ROSA Main
plymouth-scripts-0.9.2-3-rosa2016.1.i586.rpm 0.9.2 i586 ROSA Main
plymouth-scripts - - -


Name Value
plymouth == 0.9.2-5:2016.1


Name Value
plymouth-scripts == 0.9.2-5:2016.1


Type URL
Binary Package plymouth-scripts-0.9.2-5-rosa2016.1.i586.rpm
Source Package plymouth-0.9.2-5.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable ROSA Main Updates repository on Install and Remove Software
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install plymouth-scripts rpm package:
    # urpmi plymouth-scripts




2018-08-16 - Evgenii Shatokhin <> 0.9.2-5
- (eb113d5) Do not report error from %post if rebuilding initrd fails
- (eb113d5) I suspect it might affect the builds of ISO images where plymouth is
- (eb113d5) installed into a chroot on a host with RELS6. dracut from ROSA R10 does
- (eb113d5) not support the kernels from RELS6 and fails.
2017-06-28 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.9.2-4
- (d5614c3) Add patches from Mageia to use frame buffer devices when kernel modesetting is disabled
- (Andrey Bondrov: 870791b) Backport more patches from git
2017-02-04 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.9.2-3
- (24342a3) MassBuild#1230: Increase release tag
2016-11-23 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.9.2-2
- (481f11c) Add 55 patches from Mageia package
- (Andrey Bondrov: 9a2d384) Add patch to export ply_logger_is_tracing_enabled symbol
2016-11-23 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.9.2-1
- (efbd419) Build requires docbook-style-xsl
- (Andrey Bondrov: c0e8e11) Patch for docbook-dtd45-xml support
- (Andrey Bondrov: cb86705) Build requires docbook-dtd45-xml
- (Andrey Bondrov: 6ad9268) Build requires xsltproc
- (Andrey Bondrov: dbbe0c4) Build requires pkgconfig(libpng)
- (Andrey Bondrov: a230740) Requires GTK3 now, not GTK2
- (Andrey Bondrov: 5613ff4) Build requires pkgconfig(libudev)
- (Andrey Bondrov: f547dad) New version 0.9.2
- (Andrey Bondrov: f547dad) New library major 4
2016-10-14 - Andrey Bondrov <> 0.8.9-17
- (f92c578) MassBuild#1169: Increase release tag
2015-12-18 - Evgenii Shatokhin <> 0.8.9-16
- (5461ef1) Use a longer timeout for Plymouth, but not infinite
- (5461ef1) If the graphics fails to start, the system will still be waiting for
- (5461ef1) Plymouth to quit. But with timeout=0 Plymouth will wait forever. This
- (5461ef1) does not allow to use virtual consoles for example to debug the
- (5461ef1) problems.
- (5461ef1) Let us use a long but still finite timeout (3 minutes) instead.

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